Introducing Justspark: a leading IT organization that has embarked on an impressive journey since its establishment in 1997. We take pride in reflecting on our growth and development, and we continue to strive to deliver high-quality IT services that exceed our clients’ expectations. Driven by a dedicated team of experts and a constant focus on customer satisfaction, we remain committed to innovation and growth. Discover below our remarkable milestones over the past 25 years that have contributed to our success and position as a reliable partner in the IT industry.

1997: Establishment of Graficom.

In 1997, Graficom was founded by Goran Grcic as an IT organization with a vision to deliver high-quality IT services. With a focus on technology and innovation, Graficom began its journey in the IT sector.

1999: Relocation to Hendrik Ido Ambacht.

In 1999, Graficom moved to Hendrik Ido Ambacht, expanding the company’s presence and reach. This move provided new opportunities for growth and development within the IT industry.

1999 – 2009: Organization matures.

Between 1999 and 2009, Graficom experienced steady growth, evolving into a mature organization in the IT sector. During this period, the team expanded, and new technological solutions were added to meet the growing demands of clients.

2009: Relocation to Ridderkerk.

In 2009, Graficom moved to Ridderkerk, marking another significant milestone in the company’s history. This relocation provided new opportunities to enhance infrastructure and further optimize service delivery.

2009 – 2015: More industry-specific approach.

Between 2009 and 2015, Graficom placed a strong emphasis on a more industry-specific approach within the IT sector. By specializing in the needs of different industries, Graficom was able to provide tailor-made IT solutions that aligned with the specific requirements of each client.

2015: Establishment of Curaçao office.

In 2015, Graficom opened an office in Curaçao, expanding the company’s reach to the Caribbean region. This step provided new opportunities to offer IT services beyond regular office hours and cater to the needs of clients in the Netherlands.

2017: Relocation to a larger office space in Ridderkerk.

In 2017, Graficom moved to a new office space in Ridderkerk, improving the company’s infrastructure and creating a modern working environment. This move reflected Graficom’s ongoing pursuit of growth and progress in the IT sector.

2017 – 2018: Twentieth anniversary celebration.

Between 2017 and 2018, Graficom celebrated its twentieth anniversary, a significant milestone for the company. During this period, there was a reflection on the achievements and successes of the past two decades, while the focus remained on future growth and innovation within the IT industry.

2020: Establishment of Aruba office.

In 2020, Graficom opened an office in Aruba, further strengthening its presence in the Caribbean region. With the opening of the Aruba office, Graficom was able to better cater to the needs of clients in the region and provide them with advanced IT solutions and support.

2022: Rebranding to Justspark and twenty-fifth anniversary of the organization.

In 2022, Graficom celebrated a significant milestone: the twenty-fifth anniversary of the organization. As part of this milestone and to reflect the company’s evolution and growth, Graficom underwent a name change and became Justspark. This new name reflects the following:

Just -> Experience, stability, IT in plain language, personal approach, ‘walk the talk’ mentality.

spark -> Excellence, hassle-free services, fun, informal.

With a solid foundation of twenty-five years of experience, Justspark continues to strive to stay at the forefront of technological developments and provide clients with customized IT solutions.

2023: Relocation to a larger office space in Aruba.

As we expanded with the addition of more staff members from our office, in 2023, we moved to Italystraat 38 in the Sasaki building.