Would you like to broaden your IT knowledge without frustration or time loss? Discover the accessible microlearning system 5MOT by Justspark. With 5MOT, which stands for 5 Minutes Of Online Training, you can quickly and easily acquire knowledge about IT, ICT, and security topics, including certification. Each lesson is presented in a short 5-minute video, making learning as accessible as learning a new language on Duolingo.
The 5MOT Microlearning System by Justspark.
The training portal includes Microsoft 365 courses, ranging from basic skills to advanced applications in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Power Automate, Azure, and SharePoint. This allows employees to expand their IT skills and broaden their horizons.
Microsoft 365 Training for IT Enrichment.
Additionally, 5MOT also offers training in safety and security, including GDPR legislation, cybersecurity, and DIEV 3.0. Employees can obtain certificates upon completion of e-learning courses, which not only enhance their knowledge but also support their personal development.
Security and Certification: A Reward for Knowledge.
What truly sets 5MOT apart is its availability on phone, tablet, and desktop, making learning possible anytime and anywhere. Short online training prevents loss of concentration and contributes to engagement with the topics. This enhances the performance of your organization.
Training Always Available Anywhere.
Ready to start 5MOT for your organization today? Justspark offers over 500 up-to-date online videos in both Dutch and English, enabling you to broaden your employees’ knowledge and tailor it to your organization’s needs. Get in touch or schedule a demo to take a look inside the system and discover the possibilities for your team.