Vision Justspark.
In 1997, Graficom was born in the Netherlands, founded by our director Goran Grcic. Over the years, we have steadily grown, and in 2015, we enthusiastically spread our wings to the beautiful Caribbean region. This expansion enabled us to provide our clients with evening telephone support, which proved to be a valuable addition.
Mission Justspark.

Soon, we saw the countless opportunities that Aruba has to offer. Businesses reached out to us, seeking assistance, prompting us to offer local services on-site. In 2018, we created a unique cloud environment in a local data center in Curaçao, which was eagerly embraced. Especially during the challenging period of the COVID pandemic, the number of users of our online workspaces grew exponentially.

Thanks to the trust of our clients and our dedication to quality, our team continued to grow. In 2020, it was time for a new step, and we opened our office in Aruba.

In 2023, we decided to change our name to Justspark to reflect our evolution and growth as a company. This new name embodies our commitment to:

Just -> Experience, stability, IT in understandable language, a personal approach, and a ‘walk the talk’ mentality.

spark -> Excellence, hassle-free services, fun, and informal communication.

Vision Justspark.

With over twenty-five years of solid experience, we continue to be at the forefront of technological developments, striving to provide tailor-made IT solutions that meet all your needs.

At Justspark Aruba, we emphasize creating a seamless IT experience for our clients. Innovation, reliability, and personal service are paramount to us. We are proud to maintain a strong local presence in Aruba and to foster close relationships with our valued clients.

We are your preferred IT partner in Aruba. Our passion for technology and our commitment to customer satisfaction make us the ideal partner to support and empower your business in the digital era.

Discover how Justspark Aruba can transform your organization with advanced customized IT solutions. Contact us today and let us bring your digital ambitions to life!

Meet our team!.
We stand at the intersection of continuous innovations and over 25 years of experience and expertise. Therefore, we find a suitable all-in IT solution for every business.

“Well-organized IT is the lifeline of any future-proof organization that wants to continue to grow and innovate.”