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As an organization, you deal with a significant amount of important data on a daily basis. While physical on-site servers typically manage backups themselves, when working online in the cloud, this can be done using BaaS, which stands for Backup-as-a-Service. Based on a pre-set schedule, backups are performed for your organization, ensuring that critical business data is not lost and that you always have access to the latest versions. However, as part of SaaS, BaaS can mean even more for enhancing your organization’s functionality.

What is BaaS and what does it do??

BaaS, or Backup-as-a-Service, is a service with multiple meanings, but for this context, we use the following: BaaS, Backup-as-a-Service. With BaaS, you automate the process of storing data to prevent the risk of data loss due to human errors or cyber attacks. This cloud service reduces the burden on internal IT departments as they no longer need to handle this physically. BaaS is part of the well-known SaaS, Software-as-a-Service model. The services can be acquired for business applications, solutions, and systems that previously had to be facilitated within the company itself. Justspark provides a new online environment for work, enabling every user with internet access to access files and securely store data. BaaS and other SaaS solutions are cost-effective, scalable, and flexible. Discover how your organization’s backups can be through BaaS.
Smartly deploying BaaS for your organization.

Backing up your company’s data is an excellent way to ensure its safety and accessibility at any time. However, consider the benefits of cost savings, fast and reliable processes, and automatically generated backups according to a predetermined schedule. By automatically backing up data, you ensure that employees can focus on their daily activities. How so? Consider organizations such as libraries and small healthcare facilities, for example. In libraries without a designated IT specialist overseeing hardware security, employees often lose time dealing with various peripheral issues. The same goes for specialized clinics or medical centers where various healthcare providers come together. It is reassuring to know that they do not have to deal with this and have a dedicated point of contact at Justspark who can assist with any potential issues. Therefore, we offer BaaS, where you can also opt for customized maintenance.

The migration of your backup.

When moving the backup of essential business data, careful planning and execution are of the utmost importance. At Justspark, we understand this like no other. With our deep expertise, we ensure that the migration goes as smoothly as possible. We aim to keep the data offline to a minimum without hindering users. At the same time, we ensure a high level of security and privacy throughout the process, ensuring that your data is not vulnerable to external threats.

After the migration, we conduct thorough checks to ensure that your data remains intact. Furthermore, we provide user training, including detailed documentation, so that everyone can make optimal use of the backup platform. Our customized packages are perfectly tailored to the specific needs of your organization. Do not hesitate to request a quote today or to learn more about how we can guarantee your uptime, 24/7.

Smartly deploying BaaS for your organization.

We not only take care of the migration of your backup but also the maintenance and data clean-up. It is essential to regularly clean and maintain your backup to ensure it functions optimally when the situation demands it. This means updating processes, regularly cleaning up data, and conducting ongoing tests. While these may seem like minor tasks, they are crucial. Therefore, we offer monthly support for cleaning, maintenance, and providing adequate support when needed.

Our prices are based on the size of your business and the desired level of coverage for your organization. We strive to make IT understandable and be transparent about our rates so that you are not taken by surprise. This helps you manage costs effectively while ensuring the reliability of your backup.

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