Always available for you.

To ensure that your IT environment stays up-to-date, remains continuously available, and that incidents are addressed promptly, Justspark has a full-skilled service desk. The service desk can be reached at: +297 290 0001.

The service desk is the central point of contact for all your IT-related questions. Our staff registers all notifications, helps users directly with questions, and tries to resolve the notification as much as possible remotely. If the notification cannot be resolved in this way, a support staff member will come to you within the agreed time to resolve the problem on site.

Of course, Justspark is also happy to advise you on your hardware investments. We can also offer you favorable lease conditions, enabling you to spread investment expenses. The goal is to relieve you as much as desired in IT capacity and IT environment.

Justspark IT Support instant connection

To grant one of our engineers access to your system, you need to follow the steps below. Once the application has started, you can communicate the displayed codes to our engineer.

1. Start application

  • Select “Run” when prompted.
  • Then select “Run” again at the following window.
  Depending on the version of your operating system, you may be prompted with a Windows query. You should answer this question in the affirmative.