Online Workspaces.

Working everywhere, anytime, and securely in your own environment is no longer a utopia. Justspark has designed an online workspace solution for the Caribbean! Your data is securely stored in our data center and never leaves the Caribbean without your knowledge.
As an organization, you deal with a significant amount of important data on a daily basis. While physical on-site servers typically manage backups themselves, when working online in the cloud, this can be done using BaaS, which stands for Backup-as-a-Service. Based on a pre-set schedule, backups are performed for your organization, ensuring that critical business data is not lost and that you always have access to the latest versions. However, as part of SaaS, BaaS can mean even more for enhancing your organization’s functionality.
Always & Everywhere Secure Work.
You can access your own workspace from any device with internet access (including a phone’s hotspot) anytime, anywhere. As a user, you have nothing else to worry about. We keep your entire work environment secure and up-to-date. You no longer need to worry about licenses, power costs for server rooms, cooling of server equipment, hardware depreciation, backups, etc.
Continuity and Backups of Your Data.
If your computer freezes, is stolen, or lost in a fire, you don’t have to worry about your data files. All your data is securely stored in our cloud. You only need another device to connect to the environment, and you can continue working, even from your phone if necessary.
Data Storage.
The Justspark cloud platform is designed with the principle of keeping your data in the Caribbean. Our data center is located in Curaçao, and you have the option to replicate your backups on Aruba or a location other than our data center in Curaçao. Replicating to our data centers in the Netherlands is also possible. The choice for your own data is entirely yours. This guarantees that your data, if you wish, never leaves the Caribbean and is not visible to others. On the other hand, it is possible to mirror all data to our data centers in the Netherlands. In case of a severe calamity, we can make your data available in our Dutch data centers within a few hours, so you can continue working immediately. The choice is entirely yours.
Total Solution for Every User.
The online workspace is a complete solution for every user in your organization. We handle the licenses for the cloud solution and Microsoft Office, and there is also the possibility to integrate your own applications within our platform. Our staff is available 24×7 to assist you in case of emergencies.