IT Workplace Management.

Justspark can support your organization and/or IT team in optimizing workplace management. This can be to support your current IT department during busy periods or absences, or when specific expertise is needed.


Within your organization, there are multiple workplaces? We can manage all your workplaces, whether they are laptops, tablets, desktop PCs, or cloud workstations. Justspark can take the burden off you and your employees in terms of IT, allowing your employees to focus on their work rather than dealing with various IT-related matters. Through proactive management, we can ensure that problems are prevented and you are not faced with unpleasant surprises.

It is our task to ensure that your systems are always up-to-date and equipped with the latest (security) updates to also safeguard your security.


Service Desk.

If incidents occur that your IT department does not have time for at that moment, or if there is a need for specific expertise, you can always rely on our service desk employees. With more than 70 IT specialists spread across the Netherlands, Aruba, and Curaçao, they are at your organization’s service to further resolve your problem if necessary. Because we also have specialists locally in Curaçao, they can also come to your location if necessary.


Setting up the ideal (smart) workplace.

Within your organization, there is likely a variety of workplaces, ranging from fixed workstations to flexible workspaces and home workstations, depending on the needs of the employees. When setting up these workplaces, it is essential to make sustainable investments that align with specific user needs. We are happy to work with you to find the right solution. This can range from laptops, tablets, peripherals, and fixed workstations to online workstations in the cloud.

With our ICT workplace management, we ensure that all workstations are always up-to-date, enabling your employees to work effectively and efficiently, regardless of their location or the type of workplace they use. Contact us today for tailored advice.

Outsourcing ICT Workplace Management.

When managing workplaces, you have the choice to do this internally or outsource it to an external party. Often, setting up future-proof workstations takes more time than initially thought. Even for startups or smaller SMBs, outsourcing ICT infrastructure can be an attractive option. By outsourcing your ICT workplace management, you are assured of good and secure execution, often at lower costs. Additionally, you always receive the latest updates and benefit from 24/7 monitoring if necessary.

With Justspark, you have control over your system management, network management, and/or server management, combined with efficient workplace management. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you optimize your workplace management.

Hybrid Workplaces for Optimal Working Comfort.

Hybrid working has become the new norm in many organizations. This means that employees need to have access to the company network both in the office and at home, both physically and via the cloud. As a company, it is essential to be equipped for this so that employees have the necessary flexibility. This includes creating an efficient home workspace and an adapted office environment. By setting this up optimally, you reduce the startup time for employees and improve their overall working comfort.

It is important to understand the needs within the organization. Not every screen is suitable for every application, and not every laptop can handle all tasks. By assessing these needs, we can provide advice on ideal hybrid workplaces that fit within your budget. At Justspark, we strive to optimize your team’s working environment so that they can work more productively and comfortably, wherever they are.

Managing your own workplace is challenging or time-consuming?

Setting up a workplace is generally straightforward at the start of a business. However, as the business grows, the complexity increases. Each workplace comes with its own unique challenges. Laptop or desktop? What specifications are required? How many screens are needed? Is a fixed workplace appropriate, or is it a flexible workspace? Eventually, you reach a point where managing these matters yourself, or assigning these tasks to a colleague, is no longer efficient. This is when it is wise to bring in a professional.

A dedicated IT specialist or traditional system administrator is not always cost-effective, especially in the early stages. Seeking external help is often a more cost-effective and wiser option. Justspark provides support, supplement, or complete management from A to Z. By relying on our expertise, you can focus on what you do best, while we ensure that your IT-related matters run optimally.

Get started today with optimizing workplaces.
Do you want to make strides in future-proofing your workplaces? Justspark is the party that will help you with this. We assess the needs, listen to the requirements, and offer solutions that align with your budget.