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FWaaS | Firewall-as-a-Service.
This firewall solution provides next-level security for your company’s data. A Firewall is akin to the ancient city walls, except it doesn’t protect the city but rather your computer from harmful traffic transmitted and received through networks like the internet. The firewall determines whether each traffic is allowed or blocked based on predefined rules such as source and destination addresses, common characteristics of blocked content, or other protocols. The purpose of a firewall is to guard against hackers, phishing attacks, and other malicious activities to safeguard your company’s data.
Enhanced security for your company’s data with FWaaS.

On-premises firewalls are manually maintained and updated by IT departments. They manually check for updates, download them, and then upload them to the server. If the security requirements are not met or if there is an error in the update, there is a chance that your business information could be left unprotected against harmful traffic.

The reason FWaaS secures your company’s data better is that the firewall of many businesses is managed from one location. This allows the service to be offered to many through the cloud. The server applies the same security rules everywhere, constantly improved through behavioral analysis and self-learning systems. As a result, there can be quicker response to the detection of harmful behavior. Protection against this harmful behavior is immediately updated across the entire server and applies to everyone using the service, including your organization.

A firewall solution that grows with you.
With FWaaS, you have the ability to quickly scale up and down. Think of situations where there are more patients in a hospital connecting to the network, or the local library hosting an event or promotion. The fact that the application is managed online makes it easy to scale the firewall up or down without much effort. It also allows your employees to work securely remotely without putting your business data at risk. Additionally, you can choose to customize your FWaaS subscription with specific policies or certain security rules. This provides a significant advantage for organizations operating within industries where a high level of security is paramount.
Sonicwall’s FWaaS.

At Justspark, we work with the Sonicwall firewall, a renowned provider offering various security services through different packages. In addition to the standard firewall protection and the ability to establish VPN connections, they provide specialized features for more comprehensive protection and in-depth insight. Some of these features include:

  • Advanced packet inspection technology (DPI)
  • Advanced threat protection (ATP) for detecting advanced threats
  • Centralized management and reporting for easy overview and control
  • Threat intelligence and real-time updates to stay proactive against new threats
  • User-focused threat detection for a more personalized security approach.


We understand that you may not have all the technical details at your fingertips. Our specialists are ready to help you understand what Firewall as a Service (FWaaS) can mean for you without using complex terms. Want to know more? Feel free to let us contact you.

Save on costs with FWaaS.
Managing a physical firewall requires significant knowledge, personnel, and time, in addition to the initial investment for hardware procurement. With FWaaS, on the other hand, the online server is already maintained by the service provider, reducing the need for additional personnel. If your business relies on an internal IT team, our experts can support your team by keeping IT and cloud services running and sharing knowledge. Additionally, a cloud-based solution offers benefits in terms of energy consumption, space savings, and cooling, depending on the amount of hardware used for things like a firewall. Want to know how much operational costs you can save by switching to FWaaS? Our specialists are ready to inform you about this!
Maintenance and management of FWaaS in good hands.

Considering purchasing an FWaaS solution? At Justspark, you can rely on our expert team, who not only inform and guide you in your choice but also provide standard and customized solutions. We stay up to date with the latest trends and technologies in the field of security, ensuring you always receive an advanced solution.

Furthermore, we aim for full transparency about our costs, so you are not faced with any unpleasant surprises. Curious about FWaaS or combining various SaaS solutions to future-proof your business? We invite you to consult with us without obligation about the optimal solutions, implementation, or online security of your business.