Online workstations.

Working securely in your own environment, anytime, anywhere is no longer a utopia. Justspark has designed an online workstation solution for the Caribbean region! Your data is securely stored in our data center and never leaves the Caribbean without your knowledge.


What sets our solution apart is that we have been able to keep costs manageable through a shared platform. Investing in your own hardware and the associated risks is no longer necessary. Justspark ensures that your data is always online, in compliance with the highest security standards.

Because we offer these online workstations to multiple organizations, you as a customer can benefit from economies of scale. Justspark operates on a model where you pay a fixed amount per workstation, with no hidden or additional costs. Your organization knows exactly what the monthly costs for your online workstations are. The workstations can be scaled up or down every month and are cancelable on a monthly basis.

The key benefits of the Online Workstation:

Always and securely working

You have access to your own work environment on any device with internet access (including the hotspot on a phone), anywhere and anytime. As a user, you no longer have to worry about anything else. We keep your entire work environment safe and up-to-date. Additionally, you no longer have to worry about licenses, server room power costs, server equipment cooling, hardware depreciation, backup, etc.

Continuity and data backups

If your computer crashes, is stolen, or lost in a fire, you don’t have to worry about your data files. All your data is securely stored in the cloud with us. You only need another device to connect to the environment and continue working, even from your phone.

Data storage

The Justspark cloud platform is fully designed to keep your data in the Caribbean. Our data center is located in Curaçao and you have the option to replicate your backups on Aruba or a location other than our data center in Curaçao. Replication to our data centers in the Netherlands is also possible. The choice for your own data is entirely up to you. This way, you are guaranteed that your data will never leave the Caribbean if you so wish and will not be visible to anyone else in any way. Alternatively, you can mirror all data to our data centers in the Netherlands. In case of a serious calamity, we can make your data available in our Dutch data centers within a few hours so that you can continue working immediately. The choice is entirely yours.

Total solution for every user

The online workstation is a total solution for every user in your organization.

We handle the licenses for the cloud solution and Microsoft Office, and there is also the option to integrate your own applications into our platform. Our staff are available 24/7 to assist you in case of emergencies.